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We work with companies to improve their water and wastewater treatment and reduce the amount of treatment chemicals required.

Examples include:

Cummins Incorporated (the world’s largest manufacturer of diesel engines over 50 horsepower). —  STF completed a project at 12 of their plants that reduced their costs for boiler, cooling tower, and wastewater treatment chemicals by 40%.  In addition, they increased dramatically the level of service from their chemical vendors.  Their new service now includes among many items, weekly reporting of estimated versus actual chemical use and costs, corrosion and deposition monitoring, annual photographic documentation of equipment condition, water analysis by an outside certified lab, and cost reduction requirements of 5 % annually.


Non-wovens manufacturer — STF modified the water treatment system to improve treatment capacity, reliability, and efficiency thereby reducing operating costs and increasing manufacturing line throughput.


Chemical manufacturer — STF modified the operation of the wastewater treatment system to allow for reduction of organics to the single digit ug/l range while at the same time reducing sludge production and disposal costs.



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